(one of Australia’s fastest growing municipalities) has just released their Road Safety Strategy and Action Plan 2022-2032.

The strategy commits Wyndham to being proactive, innovative, and progressive in their approach, and activates them to lead by example.

Wyndham City Mayor, Cr Peter Maynard says “Wyndham’s 2040 vision for a safe, connected and inclusive city that strives for a sustainable future rests in no small part on its transport system. We work with all of our delivery partners to continuously improve the transport system and we acknowledge that safety is fundamental to the system and the network. Everybody should feel safe when travelling in Wyndham. To that end Wyndham City Council is fully committed to the Victorian Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030”

To this end, Cr Susan McIntyre explains The ‘Safe System’ aims to minimise road injuries and deaths by taking a holistic approach that considers the interaction between all vulnerable road users, road infrastructure and vehicles. The Road Safety Strategy provides guidance to Council in delivering road safety activities over the coming years that meet the needs of our community and most of all, helps keep everyone safe on our roads.”

Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd. assisted Wyndham in the development of their road safety strategy. Kenn Beer, Principal Engineer at Safe System Solutions explained our involvement: “We were engaged to develop a ten-year Road Safety Strategy to increase travel safety across roads, shared paths, on-road bike lanes and footpaths. The aim of the strategy is to reduce fatalities and decrease all injury crashes in line with Federal and State targets. The strategy was developed by: (1) analysing historical crash data to ensure that it was evidence based; (2) consultation with stakeholders and the community to ensure that it addressed community needs; and (3) applying the latest road safety best practice. An Action Plan was also developed and aligned with the main strategic themes.”

Congratulations to the City of Wyndham on the production of their strategy. Time to roll up the sleeves and get stuck into the action plan.