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Safe System Solutions offers a range of courses to help build skills and knowledge on road safety.
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We offer both face-to-face training and online training options

Our online programs for 2024 (delivered via a series of live interactive webinars):
Safe System Assessment– starts 27 February 2024 – Sold Out
Safe Cycling Infrastructure for Streets and Roads – starts 5 March 2024
Road Safety Audit – starts 8 April 2024
Safe System Assessment
– starts 7 May 2024

Our face-to-face programs for 2024:
Road Safety Audit, Melbourne – starts 14 March 2024
Traffic Engineering Fundamentals– Signs & Lines, Melbourne – starts 27 March 2024

For all training queries, except those that relate to ASHTAS please email:

For ASHTAS training queries, please email:


Training Topics

Road Safety Barriers Training

This course provides attendees with an understanding of the fundamentals of road safety barriers, including the types of road safety barriers, identification of hazards, the appropriate use of
barriers and the testing standards. This foundation is then used to build knowledge of the life cycle of road safety barriers, from design through to installation, inspection and maintenance,
culminating in a practical on-site road safety barrier design exercise. This course is applicable for both permanent and temporary barriers.

Participant feedback:

‘Content struck the perfect balance- it was an introduction to barrier design and considerations but then expanded on that to cover off on the ‘engineering’. Many courses can be too basic for practising engineers, but this is not one of them.’
-August 2023

Road Safety Audit Training

Become an accredited Road Safety Auditor.

This program meets the Department of Transport & Planning (DTP), Queensland Department Transport of Main Roads (TMR), the South Australian Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) and Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) course requirements for registration as a Road Safety Auditor.
Department of Transport & Planning (DTP) course acceptance letter 
Transport for New South Wales information 

Participant feedback:

‘The program was excellent, very interactive and all presenters got the point across in a fun way which made it an overall good experience.’
August 2023

Melbourne face-to-face – starts 14 March 2024

Road Safety Audit Online – starts 8 April 2024

Safe System Assessment Training

Gain an understanding of the Safe System philosophy, managing roadside hazards, intersection energy management and Safe System Assessments. Then apply it to the real-world.

Participant feedback:

‘I think the course covers the basics very well and doesn’t throw you in the deep end whilst also providing the learning to conduct SSAs after completion of the course. The feedback on assessments was very detailed and highly appreciated.’
– July 2023

Safe System Assessment Online – starts 27 Feb 2024

Safe System Assessment Online – starts 7 May 2024


Safe Cycling Infrastructure for Streets and Roads

The Amy Gillett Foundation and Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd is pleased to offer an interactive cycling infrastructure training course for traffic designers, planners & engineers. This novel training will provide participants experiential learning on a variety of cycling infrastructure treatments and how they impact on cyclist safety.

Participant feedback:

‘The online format and structure of both courses is similar and provides the right balance of presentation, quizzes and assignments, a winning formula! The two presenters compliment each other in delivering the training. Well done.’ – September 2023

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Course starting 5 March 2024


Cycling Auditor Training

Experience first-hand how infrastructure impacts cyclists. Sharpen your skills in identifying hazards and providing solutions for cycling infrastructure.

Participant feedback:

‘The combination of theory, real life experience on the bikes and the following discussion really provided a great overview of cycling infrastructure and what we are doing well and what we could do better.’ – February 2023

Raised Crossing Training

 In this 4-part online series you’ll learn the Why of Raised Crossings, Who should be able to use Raised Crossings (hint: everyone), Where Raised Crossings can go and How to design Raised Crossings.

We have 4 (four) free-of-charge places to practitioners from Low & Middle Income Countries. Please send us an expression of interest – maximum one page – complete this application and email to  Successful applicants will be notified via email.

Participant feedback:

‘Presenters were upbeat, engaging and they have a real passion for the topic. This makes learning from them A plus.’ – May 2023

Making Roads Motorcycle Friendly

This course won the 2017 Prince Michael International Road Safety Award. ​

Develop an understanding of motorcycle fatality and serious injury rates, why we need to design roads with motorcyclists in mind, the complexities in motorcycle riding, injury vulnerability of motorcyclists and where motorcyclists fit in within the Safe System. This is a 2-part online program

Participant feedback:

‘Great overview of key issues and insight into the perspective of motorcyclists. Lots of visuals were important for me as a newer road safety professional. I liked the inclusion of videos and discussion around these to enhance participation. Thank you!’- September 2022

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Traffic Engineering Fundamentals - Signs and Lines

Gain the knowledge and skills required to select appropriate signs or line markings and their locations consistent with current guidance on Australian roads.

Participant feedback:

Amazing delivery with a wealth of usable information’ – August 2022

Melbourne face-to-face – starts 27 March 2024




Road Design For Heavy Vehicles

Consider heavy vehicle needs and how to best manage them on the road network. 

Participant Feedback:

“Good content. Interesting course.” – July 2021

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Safe System Crash Investigation Training

This course provides participants with an understanding crash investigation and how Safe System interventions can be applied. Delivered in four modules over a period of two weeks