Our Services

Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd is a nationally accredited and VicRoads pre-qualified road safety engineering consultancy whose staff have been involved in many of the largest, most complex, high-profile road projects in Victoria. Our team boasts a broad spectrum of technical skills and has demonstrated an ability to manage and deliver a diverse range of design projects on time and on budget.

Traffic Engineering

We pride ourselves on developing practical, evidence-based solutions using the best research from Australia and around the world. Whether you’re looking to conduct a road safety audit or undertake a risk assessment, Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd can help.

Design & Technical

Our road safety engineers have extensive experience with design work and technical projects. Whether you’re looking to design a roundabout or install road safety barrier, Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd can help.

Project Development

Our engineering project team have a wealth of knowledge and project development expertise. Whether you’re looking to evaluate a project or conduct a feasibility study, Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd can help.

Research & Evaluation

Our researchers, engineers and project managers are experts in research and evaluation. Whether you’re looking to analyse crash data or conduct research into innovative road safety treatments, Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd can help.

Training Workshops

We have decades of experience in facilitating workshops, seminars and conferences. We achieve outcomes while ensuring everyone is heard.

International Services

We are truly an international organisation, having provided our expert training and consulting services in numerous countries around the world.