A new version of VicRoads/DoT Accepted Safety Barrier Products – Road Design Note 06-04 has been released.
It has new information about safety barrier policies including; speed limitations for temporary end treatments, design of wire rope safety barriers, motorcycle friendly covers, MASH transition and replacement and upgrade of legacy products.
Most of the old detail sheets have been replaced by Austroads Technical Conditions of Use.

New products added in this update:
> JJ Hooks 6m Safety Barrier MASH TL-3
> Scorpion II MASH Trailer Attenuator MASH TL-3
> Brifen MASH TL-3
> Sentryline M MASH TL-4
> MashFlex MASH TL-3
> Tau-M Temporary Crash Cushion MASH TL-3
> Absorb M Temporary Terminal MASH TL-2
> Quadguard Elite M10

Products updated:
> ArmorZone MASH TL-1 variant
> SMART Steel Crash Cushion: MASH TL-2 variant
> Scorpion II MASH TMA: MASH TL-2 variant
> Quadgurad M-10 MASH TL-2 variant
> Lo-Ro Water Cable Barrier MASH TL-1 variant