Anti-gawk screens (also called anti-debris screens) can assist with worksite safety for both workers and the travelling public. They minimize visibility into the worksite to prevent distractions for the road users and shield workers from flying debris. They are typically used on high-speed and/or high-volume roads. 
The Vic Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) notes that no pre-approved list exists for worksite safety barrier screens. Proprietary screens must be chosen or developed with careful consideration of relevant standards, such AS/NZS 3845.1. Screens, considered as attachments, should not modify the safety barrier system’s performance or introduce additional hazards. They can be freestanding behind the barrier, with distance determined by site-specific risk assessments. 
Screens must meet minimum height requirements, have secure joints, and be resistant to vandalism and vehicle damage.  
Check out RDN 06-12 for more information.