Left turn slip lanes treatments continue to be a source of debate in industry. We generally like TMR’s approach in their Road Safety Policy and their Guide to Traffic Management Part 6 which sets Queensland’s process for thinking about pedestrian and cyclist safety at slip lanes.   

Policy position: No slip lane unless unavoidable (swept paths etc.). 

If slip lane is required, treatment hierarchy is: 

  1. Raised pedestrian crossing (wombat crossing)
  2. Raised priority crossing (give-way controlled)
  3. Two-aspect traffic signals
  4. Pedestrian crossing (zebra)
  5. Unmarked 

Check out their fact sheet for more info: https://www.tmr.qld.gov.au/_/media/busind/techstdpubs/road-safety/rsp-fact-sheet_04_intersection—pedestrian—slip-lanes.pdf?sc_lang=en&hash=DFD00F21D1DFF1E55C877EC9B9F16387 

Photos: David Dallaston and Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd