Traffic speed isn’t just a safety issue. In areas with a lot of high-speed traffic, people walk less and also experience negative outcomes for health, wellbeing and sense of community. The cost of the ‘barrier effect’ of busy roads on walking in the UK was estimated at £1,119/person/year, mainly due to reduced wellbeing (£420) and higher traffic volumes (£449). 

Reference:  Anciaes, P., Jones, P., Mindell, J., & Scholes, S. (2019, September). Busy Roads Reduce Walking and Affect Individuals and Communities: What is the Value of Those Impacts in Great Britain? Journal of Transport & Health, Vol 14. Anciaes, P., Stockton, J., Ortegon, A., & Scholes, S. (2019). Perceptions of road traffic conditions along with their reported impacts on walking are associated with wellbeing. Travel Behaviour and Society, Vol 15(April 2019), pp. 88-101.