Are food delivery riders incentivised to act unsafely on the roads?
The quicker they deliver, the more deliveries they can make, and the more money they make. Do they take more risks to deliver quickly?
Safe Work Australia has identified some common road safety hazards for delivery riders:
▪ design and organisation of work – app design and its influence on behaviour and fatigue
▪ unsafe systems of work, for example unrealistic delivery times leading to unsafe riding
▪ being unfamiliar with road rules or not confident in operating bikes or scooters
▪ hazards of riding on public roads and interacting with other vehicles such as buses, cars and bikes
▪ economic pressures that may encourage riders to take unnecessary risks
▪ environmental hazards, such as obstacles like street furniture, pedestrians and animals, and terrain like narrow streets, no cycling infrastructure or steep slopes
▪ the effects of physical exertion, shift work and fatigue
▪ weather hazards including heat, hail, wind, rain and natural disasters
▪ visibility hazards including poor lighting and weather conditions
▪ poorly maintained or unsuitable equipment (e.g. a bike with a flat tyre or poor brakes)
▪ unsafe use of mobile device and/or headphones while riding.