Placing grates of any sort on bicycle lanes or bicycle/shared paths should be avoided. However, this is not always practicable as storm water drainage structures are usually located along the edge of roads where cycling facilities are likely present.

All drainage grate inlets pose some hazard to bikes. The greatest hazard comes from grates that can trap the front wheel of a bicycle. These grates have bars aligned with the bicycle travel direction and are known as longitudinal grates. Because of this, only “bicycle safe” drainage grates should be used on roads or paths where cyclists (or wheelchairs) could be present.  

In some cases, a “bicycle safe” grate may have reduced inlet capacity relative to other drainage grates. Where additional drainage inlet capacity is required because of excessive gutter flow or grade, double inlets should be considered.

Depressed grates should not be used on a roadway or pathway.

Bicycle tyre penetration resistance is covered in AS3996:2019: Access Covers and Grates.