Dunedin, New Zealand – the land of the low-cost compact urban roundabout.
The safety benefits of roundabouts are well known. They slow vehicles, remove ultimate priority to a leg and make drivers/riders alert at the conflict point. But the costs can be exorbitant. The innovative engineers at Dunedin City Council have been implementing low-cost roundabouts in urban areas to get quick road safety wins. The temporary paint and spike-down nature means community angst is less (can be removed and adjusted as required), and they are a nice test for a more permanent facility.
Dunedin City Council reports they cost NZ$12,000 – $15,000. 

Check out our evaluation of a similar treatment in Mildura, Vic:

Pedestrians and cyclists? Stay tuned for a future Safe System Snippet on pedestrians and cyclist treatments at urban roundabouts.  

Credit: Ian Martin and Dunedin City Council