AV Trial Risk Assessments

Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd was engaged by Transport for NSW to undertake route risk assessments of the proposed routes for autonomous vehicle trials in Armadale, Newcastle and Olympic Park, NSW. The route risk assessments included: (1) pre-audit discussions; (2) review of documentation provided regarding the trial, operation, equipment and other relevant information; (3) site inspections for the routes; (4) liaison with project managers as required; and (5) conducting & reporting of the route risk assessment.

Each route risk assessment focused on the road infrastructure and its interaction with the AVs. This included Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd’s 100 point ‘Roads That Cars Can Read’ checklist plus additional risks identified through the documentation and site visit. The three reports were provided on risks, their level and recommendations for risk mitigation measures.

Project: AV Trial Risk Assessments
Client: Transport for NSW
Year: 2019
Key Staff:

Kenn Beer | Max McCardel | John Poynton
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