Audio-Tactile Line Marking Evaluation Study

Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd was commissioned to study the effects of Audio Tactile Line Markings (ATLMs) on the stability and steerability of motorcycles that ride over these road safety features.

The study and evaluation involved a literature review, investigation into the specifications associated with ATLMs, development of a trial and evaluation framework, organizing and running a trial at CrashLab NSW.

The trial included deployment of two phases of riders through installed ATLMs in dry and wet weather conditions, data capture (qualitative and quantitively) and participants’ workshops.

TfNSW has published the report and uses it publicly with confidence

Project: Audio-Tactile Line Marking – Evaluation Study
Client: Transport for New South Wales
Year: 2018 - 2019
Key Staff:

Tana Tan | Kenn Beer | John Poynton
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