Congratulations to Ontario’s newest Road Safety Auditors!
Earlier this week, Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd. in partnership with Good Roads, delivered our three day Road Safety Audit training course in Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

With 32 participants from municipalities, consultancies and other organisations, there was lively discussion and interaction with the common goal of improving road safety through Safe System road design, management and operation.

Road Safety Audits are a proven practice to improve road safety, and Good Roads is determined to assist in establishing this evidence-based process in the Province. Seeking out world leaders in Road Safety Audit technical training, Good Roads found the Safe System Solutions team from the other side of the world and brought us over to Canada to build capability and capacity in this life-saving process.

The course in Ontario includes theory, in-class assignments and activities, fieldwork (where participants undertake a mock Road Safety Audit) and a final exam.

We look forward to seeing Road Safety Audits becoming mainstream in Ontario, and a major reduction in the needless loss of life and health on the roads.