Side Road Activated Speeds


The traditional road engineering approach to safety has very often been to “wait and see”, i.e. safety countermeasures are not considered until the crash situation becomes unacceptable. However, having knowledge about the circumstances which provoke crashes means it is possible to detect these faults early on in the development of schemes and certainly well before the design faults are translated into reality.

We are accredited to undertake Road Safety Audits in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia, Northern Territory, ACT and New Zealand.

We are VicRoads pre-qualified, experienced and knowledgeable auditors.

Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd offers Road Safety Audits at each design stage, including:

  • Feasibility/Concept Stage Audits
  • Preliminary Design Stage Audits
  • Detailed Design Stage Audits
  • Pre-Opening Stage Audits

We also offer specialised Road Safety Audits for:

  • Land Use Developments
  • Specific Road User Groups
  • Existing Roads, including both single route and network audits

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