Dwell on Red/Rest on Red is a traffic signal phasing that prioritises pedestrian safety. It displays red for all vehicle approaches and only phases to green when a vehicle is detected (and that vehicle has slowed down). The treatments is recommended in central activity areas and can be switched on during high risk pedestrian times (eg. Friday night, Saturday night) when there is lower vehicle traffic.
Gone are the days of prioritising vehicles in all situations and blaming pedestrians for being human and making mistakes. This is an example of prioritising vulnerable road users, understanding that humans will make mistakes and looking to minimise the consequence of these mistakes.
This treatment can reduce pedestrian crashes during times of operation by up to 50%.

Check out the research:
Lenne M, Corben B, Stephan K, Traffic signal phasing at intersections to improve safety for alcohol-affected pedestrians, Accident Analysis & Prevention 39 (2007) 751–756