Unlike cars with their four-wheeled stability, motorcycles rely on only two small contact points with the road, making them highly sensitive to changes in surface conditions. Even subtle variations in texture, dips, ruts, or patches of loose gravel can disrupt their equilibrium. 

Their suspension, while offering control, also amplifies imperfections in the road. Bumps, cracks, and unevenness send vibrations through the bike, not just causing discomfort, but potentially compromising traction and throwing the rider off balance. 

Consistent and high-quality road surfaces are important for maintaining a safe and stable ride on a motorcycle. This is especially important in urban and suburban areas, where motorcycles are used extensively for commuting, delivery services, and various errands.  

Safe System Solutions refreshed the Victorian Government’s Making Roads Motorcycle Friendly guide in 2022, and you can download the updated guide here: https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/safety-and-road-rules/motorcyclist-safety/making-roads-motorcycle-friendly