You’re likely familiar with the concept of a Road Safety Audit, but do you know about Motorcycle Road Safety Audits? Elevating road safety for motorcyclists goes beyond a routine visual inspection. The unique perspective gained from physically riding a motorcycle along the audited road offers valuable insights into its safety for riders.

Motorcyclists face distinct challenges such as susceptibility to uneven surfaces and low skid resistance areas that might go unnoticed in a conventional audit. Specific barriers and roadside infrastructure can also pose unforeseen hazards for riders. Addressing these nuances, a Motorcycle Road Safety Audit is typically led by an experienced rider in collaboration with Road Safety Auditors along a designated road stretch.

For an in-depth exploration of the benefits associated with Motorcycle Road Safety Audits, check out this archived video featuring the insightful Kenn Beer (sporting a pre-moustached look) as he discusses the significance of this specialised auditing approach: