Bikes and busses – it’s about context. 

There has been a lot of industry chatter lately about the appropriateness of different cycling infrastructure around bus stops. Concerns have been raised about the safety of pedestrians accessing the bus (especially those with vision challenges). But don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater – floating bus stops are still a good treatment in the right context.  

In September 2023, The Victorian Department of Transport and Planning released RDN 06-17 Cycling Infrastructure Adjacent to Bus and Tram Stops. We think this document does a good job in reminding engineers, designers, and road managers that it’s all about the context. No one treatment fits all situations, and we need to consider the Movement & Place context in our treatment decision making.  

Below are nine different configurations – each has its place.  

Check out RDN 06-17 here:–0617-cycling-infrastructure-adjacent-to-bus-and-tram-stops-v10.ashx