In this video the driver has a seizure while driving at 100km/h – but they survive because of a Safe System. 
A recent Monash University study revealed that up to 9% of MAIS 3+ crashes involve drivers experiencing acute medical conditions like seizures or heart attacks. This is yet another reason why we need our system to be forgiving.  
Barrier systems, for example, don’t judge the reason behind a driver leaving the road – they simply absorb energy, redirect vehicles, and save lives. This is the essence of a Safe System approach: designing roads that forgive and protect everyone on the road.  
Remember, a system that relies solely on perfect driving isn’t a system built for real people. Let’s prioritise infrastructure that keeps everyone safe, no matter what life throws our way.

Monash study: Fitzharris et al., Enhanced Crash Investigation Study (ECIS) Report 3: Understanding Contributing Factors for Serious Injury Crashes Using Crash Chain Analysis, Dec 2022.