Check out this turnaround bay on a side road in New Zealand.  
As more and more of the road network becomes divided with a central barrier system, turnaround bays provide designated spots for drivers, including those in large vehicles, to safely turn. The bays can be combined with side roads, or be isolated at the midblock, and they can come in a variety of configurations.  
Apart from facilitating the life-saving central barrier, some other advantages of turnaround bays are:   

 – Safer turns: No more need to cross multiple lanes or squeeze into gaps in traffic, reducing the likelihood of cross traffic crashes. 

 – Combined access and turning: Conveniently combines access points and turning areas in one safe location.

 – Emergency stop option: Provides a safe spot for drivers to pull over for maintenance or in case of emergencies. 
Video credit: Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency