In late 2020, Transport for NSW published a report titled: Mobile speed camera operations in other Australian jurisdictions. In the report they note that all Australian jurisdictions have speed camera programs that include mobile cameras. They state, “Evaluations of the programs in Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and the ACT have shown that mobile speed camera programs have substantial benefits. Victoria had a reduction of 27% in fatal crashes from a package that included a 50% increase in covert mobile speed camera hours. Queensland, WA and ACT benefits were measured near mobile camera sites. Queensland reduced serious casualty crashes substantially. WA reduced fatal crashes by 20% to 25%. And ACT reduced casualty crashes by 20% to 25%.” 

View the full report and all the references here: 

Photo: South Australian man warning drivers of a covert mobile speed camera.

Photo credit: 7 News. Table and Graph from the NSW report sourced above.