Wide Centre Line Treatment (WCLT) can reduce cross centreline fatal and serious injury crashes by up to 35% (Austroads).  

Some design considerations: 

  • Design should consider use of Audio Tactile Line Marking in conjunction with the wide centreline. 
  • In retrofit scenarios, design should consider the available shoulder width following the installation of the wide centreline and impacts to other facilities. 
  • Intersections and property accesses located within a road segment with WCLT require specific design consideration. 
  • Where a narrowing of the road carriageway occurs at structures, it is generally preferred to maintain minimum lane and shoulder widths. In such cases WCLT width may be reduced with appropriate transitions. 
  • WCLT at overtaking or climbing lanes require specific design consideration but can be very useful (see video below). 

Wide centrelines are categorised as a ‘Step Towards’ Safe System treatment as there is the ability to retrofit them with a central barrier system in the future (site specific conditions permitting).