Main factors influencing road safety risk around schools.  

Safety around schools has always been a major focus for road safety improvements. While these areas actually present low trauma rates, the special protection the community demands for child safety provides the opportunity to implement additional measures to protect our younger community (and as a spinoff benefit, anyone travelling in these areas).  

Our research, based on past studies and trials, found that the main factors influencing road safety risk around schools are:  

  • Vehicle speeds 
  • Number of pedestrians 
  • Number of traffic lanes 
  • Number of directions of traffic lanes 
  • Traffic volume 
  • Road width 
  • Primary or secondary school 
  • Boys, Girls or Co-Ed? 
  • Crossing controls 
  • Supervised or not 
  • Near a public transport stop 
  • Near a pick-up/drop-off area 
  • Sight lines to crossing points