Where is yellow road line marking used in Australia?  

There are a number of situations where yellow line marking is used instead of white, these are:  

  • To denote no stopping at a locations (along kerb or edge of the road) ((Road Rule 169)) 
  • To reinforce not to stop in an intersection or where rail tracks cross a road (yellow box marking) 
  • In snow areas where white lines may not contrast 
  • In some roadworks areas where the yellow aims to lessen the blacking out/scrubbing out of white by informing drivers to follow the yellow lines 
  • To indicate a temporary treatment 
  • A tram safety zone, tramway or tram lane 

Yellow is also used as the colour of a shared path crossing a road and is also sometimes used to highlight a pedestrian’s crossing area at a signalised intersection or pedestrian crossing. 

Photos: Herald Sun, The Western Australian, Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd