The Asian Development Bank has just released the Star Ratings for Road Safety Audits manual.

Road Safety Audits (RSAs) and the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP) methodology both have the same overall objective: to reduce road trauma, yet the two approaches are different. RSAs are a formal, systematic and detailed examination of road safety concerns by an independent and qualified team of auditors. RSAs leverage the knowledge and experience of these auditors and only present issues the auditors believe present risks to the travelling public. The iRAP methodology is a highly standardised, data and evidence driven process that produces quantifiable safety metrics such as star ratings and investment plans.

By combining the RSA methodology and the iRAP methodology, the advantages of each approach can be amplified, and the limitations of each can be minimised. The combined process is referred to as Star Rating for Road Safety Audits (SR4RSA).

Download the Manual for free: Manual
The development of the Manual was undertaken by iRAP in partnership with Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd., funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) with valuable input from a variety of Road Safety Audit experts from around the world.