Roundabouts reduce casualty crashes by 75% for all vehicles, yet when looking at motorcyclists in particular, they only reduce casualty crashes by 37%. [update note: Scully, J. H., Newstead, S. V., Corben, B. F., & Candappa, N. L. (2009). Effect of past black spot programs on motorcycle safety, Journal of the Australasian College of Road Safety, 20 (4), 23-25.), finding a 77% reduction at new roundabouts in casualty crashes involving motorcyclists, comparable with the result for all road users]

Our research shows that the top 10 road environment factors that influence risk for motorcyclists at roundabouts are:
– geometric design
– number of lanes 
– sight distance 
– lighting 
– pavement markings 
– signing 
– landscaping 
– street furniture 
– speed limits  
– surface issues 

Source: Beer K, Aninipoc E, Andrea D, Beer T, Making Roundabouts a Safe System Solution for Motorcyclists, ARSC 2014. Dashcams Australia. Bustle.