Safe System Assessments

What is a Safe System Assessment?

Using a specialist, independent and qualified team, a Safe System Assessment is the formal safety examination of a road related program, project or initiative. The Safe System Assessment can comprehensively assess the safety of:

  • an existing road, intersection or length,
  • a road investment project, whether at feasibility, design or pre-opening stage,
  • a community road safety program or funding application,
  • ​a road transport policy or strategy. These assessments are carried out considering each of the core components of the Safe System.

Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd undertakes two types of Safe System Assessments depending on your specific needs:​

1) Full Safe System Assessments

A full Safe System Assessment in accordance with VicRoads Guidelines undertakes an in-depth investigation of all four safe system components, including the relevant road and roadside, vehicle safety and people issues. It will provide you with a holistic insight into the performance of a given road, project or programme in relation to Safe System principles.

2) Rapid Safe System Assessment

A Safe System Assessment for Roads and Roadside assess if and how existing or future roads and roadsides comply with Safe System principles. It focuses on the upper two components in the Safe System diagram, being Safer Roads and Safer Speeds.

Need a Safe System Assessment?


Need a Safe System Assessment?