PBS Freight Route Assessment

Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) was assessing the road freight demand between townships in Northern New South Wales and engaged Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd to undertake route assessments for four selected roads in the region (New England Highway, Oxley Highway, Gwydir Highway, Kamilaroi Highway). Over 400km of routes were assessed.

The route assessments assessed the suitability of the roads for heavy vehicles in accordance with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Performance Based Standards (PBS) Scheme – Network Classification Guidelines (July 2007), to inform suitable remediation and upgrade works required to meet the guideline parameters for Performance Based Standards Level 2B and Level 3A.

There were two parts to the assessment for each route. Part 1 of the assessment identified issues, deficiencies and constraints that may affect the safe introduction of Level 2B and 3A vehicles on the relevant length of highway. A focus of Part 1 was geometric constraints at junctions, intersections and structures, while other potential issues were considered at a higher level. The assessment included site inspection, swept path checks and analysis. Part 2 of the assessment identified upgrade options/alternatives and risk mitigation measures. It included the design of upgrades at a preliminary level (including swept path checks)

Project: PBS Freight Route Assessment
Client: Transport for NSW – Northern Region
Year: 2019-2020
Key Staff:

Jamie Robertson | Kenn Beer
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