Austroads engaged Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd to update the Guide to Road Safety (all parts except Part 6, which is part of an ongoing project). The updated guide now reflects the Safe System pillars – Part 2: Safe Roads, Part 3: Safe Speeds, Part 4: Safe People & Part 5: Safe Vehicles.

“The Safe System is better integrated into the AGRS” said David Shelton, who led the update to Part 7: Road Safety Strategy & Management. “We’ve included modern and practical examples of road safety interventions and mapped road safety into the lifecycle of a road from planning to operation”.

Part 1 and 3 were prepared by Kenn Beer who said, “The updated guide modernises guiding principles, processes and tools. Additionally, Safe System Assessment Framework, Movement and Place, road stereotypes, proactive risk assessment tools like iRAP, ANRAM, IRR and back casting concepts are now included. It’s important that we keep updating our knowledge, processes and practices to this ever-changing and complex system.”

Thanks to Austroads Project Manager James Holgate from Martin Small Consulting, Safe System Solutions Pty Ltd’s internal Project Manager Dr Tana Tan, and the support we received from Abley Ltd.


The updated Austroads Guide to Road Safety can be found here: